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Clarins Group, trading as Clarins, is a French luxury skin care, cosmetics and perfume company, which manufactures and sells products, usually through high-end department store counters and selected pharmacies.


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Michelle Whitely says

"Purchased lots of products from Clarins whilst on sale. They had an offer that you get a free gift if you spend over £60 or a better gift if you spend over £120. I spent over £100 and would have been entitled to a free gift which they added to my basket when I placed my order. It then materialised after I placed the order that the free gift was removed. I queried this and was told free gifts only applies on full priced items even though it was was added to my bag and on the front page of sale page. Very misleading."

Diana Taffurelli says

"I placed an order on 24th November 2020, received a message from a courier that it was being delivered on 29 November, very excited until no order arrived and have been trying, firstly to get my order and now to get my money back with NO communication from Clarins except a generic note saying I will hear from them. Now its been nearly 5 weeks. So disgusted with Clarins and still waiting"

Katie says

"Awful!!! I have ordered from Clarins for years and the service recently is awful. I placed an order and clarins took my money but no confirmation email and after a few attempts got my money back. I then replaced my order and it took 3 weeks to arrive! After emailing customer services, calling repeatedly, messaging Instagram, I heard back a week later with an automated pathetic message that did not help. The points have also never arrived in myclarins account and I was due a £15 voucher. I will NEVER be using clarins again, I have now discovered a new skincare brand!"

Izzy says

"Placed an order on the 13th Dec for Christmas gifts. Still haven't received any of it. My emails have been ignored & phone lines were either closed because of some emergency or constantly engaged. If Clarins couldn't organise themselves to provide a decent service then they should have stopped taking orders and money. I'll never order from them again."

James Anderson says

"Ordered 2 weeks ago and still no delivery on the 23rd December, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I guess its coming from China??, I might get it by the end of January!! Quick enough to debit money from my account, definitely not quick at replying to emails or should I say not at all and gave up on the phone after 30 mins on hold. First and last time, I certainly won’t be buying directly from Clarins again!! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE !! I would give no stars if I could, really not happy!!"

tuckles says

"Poor service, placed an order almost 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't been processed. The money was taken from my bank account 2 days after the order was made. I have tried to phone to get an update but its an automated message. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, would cancel and request refund if someone would answer the telephone"

Scott Miles says

"They promised delivery, then two weeks after I chased, to find they closed their call centre and moved everything to live chat. I waited over 1.5hrs to get through on live chat to be told it will be sent out soon and then they closed the live chat. Absolute rubbish customer services and please do not shop this brand!"

Ms Jane Robinson says

"I can only echo everyone else. Ordered a Christmas present on 12/12/2020. No tracking email. No response to email sent. Money debited from PayPal. Customer Services line says there’s an emergency & cuts you off. This will make me search an alternative product in future"

Serge Gouraud says

"Simply Google the product from Clarins you are looking for and order it anywhere BUT
Ordering from the official Clarins website has been my worst online shopping experience!
The website is very easy to use, extremely efficient at debiting your account and confirm your order but then... be ready to wait and wait and wait. The customer service will only reply to messages sent directly via the official website, don't bother calling directly, you won't get through! Probably too many complaints! The customer services will come up with so many excuses and blaming anything but their lack of professionalism and efficiency. They will then simply ignore you and won't bother replying.
Expect to wait 20 days for delivery!
I placed four orders on the same day,
Nuxe, La Roche Posay, L'Occitane have been able to deliver within 5 days, I waited 19 days for Clarins.
Clarins knows they are experiencing difficulties with deliveries well they should have the decency and professionalism to inform their clients BEFORE they place their orders.
Poor very poor service!"

karl george behrendt says

"I orderd a gift plus a few free items my wife loves this product.
I ordered on the 11th December and it's now the 19th of december I did get a confirmation for my order on the 12th but the payment has been just showing pending I have also sent emails asking for my tracking number but iv been blanked totally. Anyway 10 minutes ago got a push message from my bank as the payment hadn't been taken by clarins after waiting for the transaction to go through the back automatically clawd it back. This is absolutely disgraceful thy cannot even be bothered to reply to my email. You should be disgraced many people are waiting for christmas gifts 😡
At the end of this review it asks do I want clarins to be notified of my bad report what's the point thy never reply"

Harpreet says

"Terrible customer service ..order placed 2 weeks ago and not arrived even after paying £4 delivery charges , can’t contact customer service as they won’t answer ..had ordered to gift someone for Christmas , so disappointed"

Katherine says

"I have always ordered form Clarins and have been delighted with product and service. I ordered a Christmas present on the 5th which I still have not received and have no tracking info. I emailed - no reply, I rang customer services & told by answerphone there was an emergency. I do not know whether I will receive this parcel."

Darren Williams says

"Absolutely terrible service 16 days to deliver my order ! AVOID."

Katrina Kay says

"Shocking customer service! No reply on e mails or phone 15 days since I placed an order and no communication"

Mrs Williams says

"Shockingly bad. I put an order in 13 days ago, and it has still not been processed, and today they suddenly told me that two items were out of stock, and that I would be refunded in 5-10 days. Why not tell me that earlier? And where are the other items I ordered? They still have not been shipped, and as it looks now, they won't be here in time for Christmas.
I normally like Clarins, but this time they totally dropped the ball. I ordered from Chanel on the same day, and their items were delivered 2 days later, but here we are with Clarins, and 13 days later, they still have not been shipped. Avoid ordering from them online if you want your items before Christmas."

brad says

"Shocking, ordered 6th of December present for my mum for Christmas, still no dispatch information emailed them 3 times over the last 2 weeks no response tried phoning they don't pick up just rings and rings online chat works but they can't do anything I wanted a refund in the end as I am fed up of waiting the lady told me that I would need to wait 10-12 business days for my order which would take me to the 22nd of Dec, requested a refund told it's passed that stage in the warehouse haha it's been there since the 6th of December so I am stuck waiting for an order I don't want anymore that may or may not turn up before Christmas at the time my order stated 3-4 business days delivery via DPD. Honestly what a crap company first and last time I make a purchase from there poncey products."

Lesley Titmuss says

"I have been waiting over 2 weeks for items I have run out of. I have never had problems in the past as I have received my orders within 5 days. I cannot get a reply to my emails and feel this is disgraceful service. Other companies have managed to meet orders and have the same problem with Covid 19. Very disappointed."

H marshall says

"I ordered my products on 1st of December. Theyve taken the funds from my bank and I have chased clarins with two emails . I've tried calling them for 2 hours on hold and still no answer .I have not received my order .it was for my mums birthday present .extremely poor service ."

Janet says

"I have happily ordered from Clarins in the past and delivery was quick and accurate. Not so this year. Despite telephoning and being cut off multiple times and being endlessly queued, I am still no further forward. No email was received as to delivery time and an email asking for clarification was ignored."

Mearman says

"Rubbish, completely useless, ordered 10days ago still not been processed? They haven’t take any money but still rubbish, looks like I’ll be running the gauntlet in the city for a replacement present for her, or I’m on beans for the next year.


Received an apology from clarins today, I’m am very satisfied with the email below. This is how all company’s should deal with complaints.

Francesca (Clarins)
5 Jan 2021, 13:13 GMT

Dear Mr Mearman,

Thank you for your email and please accept our sincere apologies that we have not been in touch sooner.

I am concerned to see that your orders did not arrive in time for Christmas as stated online and would like to send our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment caused.

To apologise, we have requested a full refund on both orders. **other text removed**

Therefore a refund of £——and a refund of £—— will appear in your account in the next 3-10 working days.

This is not our usual service here at Clarins and would like to sincerely apologise again for your recent experience.

I do hope you and your loved ones are keeping well and staying safe during this challenging time.

Best wishes


Clarins Consumer Relations
Clarins (UK) Ltd"

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